Harris Farm Markets looking to expand, Norton Street.

For those of you who love Good Food, it appears that it’s getting more convienient for our Sydney siders.

The word is that Harris Farm are moving into Liechardt.

Harris Farm, which is about to open a new cutting-edge store in Drummoyne, refuses to discuss any impending business deals, and the owners of Norton Street Grocer couldn’t be reached for comment.

An industry insider, who asked not to be named, believes if the deal proceeds the original Norton Street Grocer in Leichhardt will probably retain its branding and identity.

But what would happen in Bondi Junction, where both retailers have stores?

More variety, more competition, lower prices (hopefully), and definetley more convienience.

According to a number of commercial kitchen equipment company, there is no shortage of customers who are looking to spend more time in the kitchen cooking their favourite meals.

Kitchen equipment and supplies sales are conintuing to improve and we encourage more families to spend more time in the kitchen, it’s healthier and cheaper, not to mention is a great time spent as a family.

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The Pickup Truck Stereotype of Marketing

Marketing Trends that Encourage cultural stereotypes.

selfish-brands-3Want to learn some lessons without learning the hard way and save yourself some big marketing dollars.

In this extract from the latest blog post we are looking the Super Bowl as a great way to find the most visible recent examples of culturally tone deaf advertising.  This past year, one of the worst offenders was Chevrolet – using outdated stereotypes of men to position it’s latest pickup truck as a way to be more attractive to women.

Advertisements using vehicles, trucks, boats, and any other other form of transportation has been around since the dawn of time, the vehicle signage industry is testament to that.. but in this particular example we see the same type of stereotype often applied in the opposite direction through marketing that objectifies women as well.  Yet there are plenty of signs that the days of this type of marketing are numbered.

Backlashes against these mistakes are predictable and frequent.  And instead, campaigns that challenge stereotypes and paint a new picture are being celebrated.  A central theme among the award winners at the Cannes Ad Festival this year, for example, was the emergence of “girl power” as a theme in award winning ads.

The Solution: In this case, the solution is relatively simple in theory … but harder in practice.  Rather than retreating to the common and comfortable stereotypical descriptions of a target audience, why not expand and look broader?  If a traditionally masculine 112 year old brand like Harley-Davidson can make a big strategic shift to start appealing to women riders, your brand can rethink its approach as well.




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Housing gives construction a boost

Local Land Surveyors on the Central CoastBring on More Housing Development

Total construction work done bounced back in the first three months of the year, thanks to a surge in housing. Local Central Coast Surveyor companies are working hard in the local area to move housing projects forward.

Construction work rose 0.3 per cent in the March quarter, after a 1.1 per fall in the December quarter, official data showed.

JPMorgan economist Tom Kennedy said the figures showed some encouraging signs that the economy was rebalancing away from mining investment.

Residential building work rose 6.8 per cent, non-residential work fell 1.5 per cent and engineering work done, which includes mines, roads, bridges and the like, was down 1.6 per cent in the quarter.

‘‘Engineering, which is typically resource-related and has been going very strong for the past decade, is a very large component of total construction, it makes up roughly two-thirds, so really if that moves violently one way or the other, it has quite a large bearing on what happens to total construction work done,’’ Mr Kennedy said.

‘‘It looks like that decline today has been a drag on the headline figure.

‘‘There are some encouraging signs that we are seeing a rotation away from resource-sector led investment and building work toward the residential component.

‘‘This is one of the first pieces of the GDP accounting that we get which suggests that at least on the building side, things are still fairly subdued and a little bit underwhelming.’’

National Australia Bank senior economist David de Garis said the data showed that housing construction is ready to take over from mining investment as the key driver for the economy.

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Federal Budget 2014: Homeowners and the property sector winners

Homeowners and the Property Sector Winners for Now..

It won’t be long until Negative Gearing comes into the firing line of this Government..

THEY say two things in life are certain — death and taxes. But no one expected them to come at the same time.

The average price of a residential home (houses and units) across Australia is $546, 500, up 8.8 per cent on a year ago. There were no direct hits on the family home in this Budget. Historically, real estate is a minor player during federal Budgets, with the industry managed more tightly under macro rather than micro positioning.

TONY Abbott said job seekers “have no right to hold out for the job of their dreams”, while he still believes his unpopular budget will pass the Senate.

There were no direct hits on the family home in this Budget.Source: Supplied

HOMEOWNERS dodged a bullet in this year’s Budget, with multi-billion tax breaks failing to come under scrutiny.

Historically, real estate is a minor player during federal Budgets, with the industry managed more tightly under macro rather than micro positioning.

But as the magnitude of Joe Hockey’s austerity Budget became clear, the housing sector looked to be one of the most obvious sectors to stem tax leaks.

Among the potential pain points, there were fears the family home would be included in means testing for the aged pension, and that negative gearing would come under scrutiny.

With cost-cutting front and centre of Joe Hockey’s tough reforms, the $6 billion a year in lost tax revenue from negative gearing could have been a significant boost to Government coffers.

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New CPR™ System from Garland Canada Waterproofs and Restores Existing Metal Roof and Wall Panel Systems

Restoration of Existing Metal Roofs

Garland Canadas CPR System waterproofs and restores metal roof and wall panel systems.

Garlands CPR System is a lightweight, low odour, synthetic liquid rubber membrane designed to extend the service life of existing metal roof and wall panel systems. The multi-layer waterproofing system will only add one-fifth of a pound per square foot to existing roofing systems when completed, eliminating the time and cost associated with engineering a new roof system.

This highly reflective restoration system provides excellent resistance to UV damage and deterioration due to weathering by forming a rubber-like monolithic membrane over the entire surface. Its high tensile strength and ability to elongate and recover regardless of temperature helps improve the overall performance of the roof system. The CPR System is designed for application to properly prepared stainless steel, galvanized metals, Galvalume®-coated metals, copper, aluminum and Kynar®-coated metal roof systems.

According to Charbel Boulos, P.Eng., president of Garland Canada Inc., The CPR System is the answer for building owners or facility managers who dont have the budget for a replacement, but need to extend the life of their roof system. The ease of application makes it ideal for in-house maintenance use, and its cold-process, low odour formulation allows restoration projects to proceed with minimal disruptions to building operations and occupants.

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Aus bubble fears trigger mortgage rules

Building and ConstructionAustralia bubble fears trigger mortgage rules

The Australian bank regulator has intensified its crackdown on risky lending, pushing back against a potential property bubble and increasing the Reserve Bank of Australia’s capacity to keep interest rates at a record low.
Concerned fierce competition for customers is driving down lending standards, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) on Monday issued tough guidelines on how it expects banks to monitor and manage mortgage risks.

This includes making banks consider geographic concentrations of risky loans; limits on loans relative to incomes; stress-testing borrowers; and avoiding giving managers financial incentives to make more loans.

Analysts said the draft guidelines, which fall just short of the “macro-prudential” rules adopted by regulators in New Zealand and Canada, mean the pace of growth in the mortgage market and house prices may have peaked.

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